Heart Sings - A collection of love poetry by Jon Atack, illustrated with prints of the author’s watercolours and calligraphed by Vivienne Atack, to whom the poems are addressed...
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gripes and grace
Stanley gathers the bomb-blasted fragments
ready for resurrection
the butchers sharpen their missiles
turning Iraqis into so much topside
so much rump steak
the bosses wave and smile
to their old friend, the camera
and reassure us
lest we had any qualms
that God is on their side...
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There is always and only you
no one else could ever do
you’re not like the rest
you’re my favourite,
you’re —
well, you’ve guessed...
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Sleep has wrapped you
and delicately
your ankles crossed
a hand to your stomach
a hand on your shoulder
your head in the crook
between mother and pillow...
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February 2006